Project Description

This site embodies the ethos of the Community Trust Partnership through the Housing Ladder brand.  Working in Partnership with the Local Authority, Housing Ladder established Local need, sourced a site suitable to fulfil that need and then designed a Tenure-mix for the site in conjunction with the Local Authority which incorporates the following tenures:

  • Government backed Help to Buy sales.
  • Shared Ownership.
  • Rent2Save – A Housing Ladder scheme – designed specifically to help first time buyers and those looking to get a foot on the ‘property ladder’. The Local Authority has nomination rights and the potential occupier is Credit scored. If successful they take an option over the house, rent for two years with the rent guaranteed by the Local Authority and then exercise their option to buy the house with the rent they have paid credited back towards the price of the Home.
  • Shared Ownership.
  • Private rental.

This site will provide for 48 three-bedroom homes and we expect to be on site by August 2014.