The Community Trust Partnership – an independent unique and innovative ‘not for profit’ organisation established to work in ‘Partnership’ with Local Government, Investors and private land owners..

Founded by Directors who are committed to delivering affordable developments, they bring together a unique wealth of experience Combining – Politics, Project delivery, renewable energy and Private Finance. Working in Partnership with Local Government and its branded delivery Partners the CTP will provide Housing, Local Infrastructure Projects, Schools, Hospitals and other such services funded by Private Investment.

Each ‘brand’ within the CTP brings its own Commercial expertise to the Project leaving the CTP uniquely placed to undertake complex, mixed use schemes.

The CTP is already recognised as something of a ‘Trailblazer’ when it comes to innovation – challenging the norm and delivering upon a promise to ensure all Projects are delivered in the most costs efficient, timely and ecologically sympathetic way. Accordingly, renewable energy and building constructed from recyclable materials are chore features of the CTP offer.

CTP offers a secure investment opportunity with generous and stable long-term returns – indeed the CTP will become an ‘asset class’ in its own rite and has already attracted commitments from significant Investors.